High-level Synthesis

With the increasing miniaturization of chip structures more complex algorithms can be integrated into hardware, which leads to advantages in performance and energy consumption. However, the increasing complexity of integrated applications leads to temporal bottlenecks in implementation and testing, as traditional development tools in the past could not keep up with the realized structural miniaturization step.

One way out of this problem is provided by high-level synthesis tools, which enable the implementation and test on behavioral level. This gives the developer a higher level of abstraction, allowing him to concentrate on his algorithm, while the tool performs the automatic synthesis on register transfer level.

Previous projects used a wide range of on the market available tools like CatapultC, CoDeveloper and VHISYN (in-house development), with which various applications were successfully implemented in hardware:

  • DVB-T Turbo Decoder
  • Particle-Filter
  • Image-Processing-Chain
  • Camshift Algorithm